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Research and research activity at CTMTc is approached from an inter/pluri disciplinarity perspective in order to achieve full expertise in multimedia and telecommunications engineering.

This covers our special interest in the following areas:

·     advanced computer systems for e-services, e-applications and the social web: educational platforms, medical applications, management and remote surveillance applications;


·     communications technologies: QoS systems and infrastructures for the future of Internet, virtual  multipath routing management, network security


·     information and signal processing systems (data, voice, audio, video, images, multimedia): advanced methods and techniques for image analysis and processing (artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic); speech analysis, processing, modeling and synthesis (automatic speech recognition, wavelet analysis and filtering), adaptive / intelligent algorithms and systems, advanced automated systems (multimodal interfaces, facial authentication and emotional visual recognition systems, natural language modeling)


·     audio-video engineering systems, digital TP, IP TV, VoIP, communications systems standards: 3D TV, online TV solution deployment, compressed image analysis and processing, audio signal coding (ADPCM, MBE, LPC10, CELP, MIDI), 3D processing / visualization systems


·     advanced methods for digital transmissions coding: OFDM, LDPC codes, fountain codes

These interests are backed up by activities, initiatives and contributions made in research projects and action plans that the center is part of.





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