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Prof. Aurel Vlaicu PH.D

Welcome to the Multimedia Technologies and Telecommunications Research Centre!  If you have a passion for engineering in multimedia or telecommunications let's transform it together into a real life project.
It is this calling that generated the vision of fostering, here, at CTMTc, a people’s environment where means and scientific expertise combine creatively together and expand intra, inter and cross domain for delivering new, innovative technologies and applications for a society where IT&C are ubiquitous and knowledge is shared freely and seamlessly.

Since 1998, with the inauguration of the Centre for Multimedia Technologies and Distance Education (TEMPUS project “DIDAPRO”, PHARE Multicountry Project for Distance Education; EU projects COST 229, COST  254, COPERNICUS 1529, INCO-COPERNICUS “INTELLECT”) our area of expertise and collaboration expanded each year, and, through partnerships with people & groups having complementary background in the field of networking, digital transmission or complex voice and video/image signal processing, what is now CTMTc - the Multimedia Technologies and Telecommunications Research Centre came to be recognized, in 2010, as a well established center of excellence in research, innovation and education within the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

 Thereof, the core units under the leadership of my fellow colleagues, are:

·      Multimedia Systems and Applications Laboratory
coordinated by Assoc.Prof.Eng Bogdan ORZA PhD.,


·      Unified Communications and Telecommunications Networks Laboratory  coordinated by Prof.Eng Virgil DOBROTA, PhD.,


·      Intelligent speech, video and multimodal information processing Laboratory   
coordinated by Prof.Eng Mircea GIURGIU, PhD,


·     Digital Transmissions and Communications Systems  Laboratory
coordinated by Prof.Eng Vasile BOTA, PhD

In the last 5 years, the team, with all its groups, was involved in more than …… major research projects (leading partner or member) and benefitted from an equivalent funding of aprox………. EUROS (from projects with a total budget of ….EUROS). The funding schemes included, amongst others, the EU FP7 program, COST actions, ERASMUS, Romanian national research and development programs, private funding.

It is our hope that, based on the existing experience and expertise, we would contribute in the future as well to the blend of multi technologies and the advancement of the surrounding (digital) media. Looking forward to hearing from you and open the multimedia world of possibilities - embracing the telecom challenges !


Prof.Eng. Aurel VLAICU, Ph.D.

Rector of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca



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